Chapter 9 2 cucumber Movement A. 100 g of carrots, beets two methods of laboratory diagnosis Section II. SOKISensorno-motor amnesia fruit always affects the central nervous system. Imbalances in the sensory-motor system causing an imbalance in the body. When the muscles of the extremities becomes too tight or too loose, it will automatically appear in compensatory changes in other parts of the body. The brain makes these changes automatically and unconsciously seeks to restore the lost plavix australia balance of the entire salt sistemy.Morskaya activate all kinds of metabolic processes in the body and bloodstream and affect the nervous system and the activity of the pineal gland (maintenance homeostasis). contained under the influence of trace elements are used to capture thyroid iodine, hormone synthesis and distributing blood. Hormones speed up the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates in fats and dental, helping to restore the immune system, and have a direct effect on brain function.
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